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Email-to-case engineer needed in San Francisco ASAP

We are a small startup looking for an experienced developer who is familiar with the SalesForce "Email to Case" functionality to set this up on our servers.

More on SF's "Email to case" tool:

These are our basic requirements:
1. Every new customer support email comes to support@ourcompany.com
2. Each new customer support email should [attempt to] match to a SalesForce contact (all of our customers are upserted into SF as contacts daily), and create a new case against that contact.
3. Our customer support team would respond to emails from within SF, and replies to those responses (which also come to support@ourcompany.com) would get filed against the original SF case number.

We're looking for someone who:
1. Is local to San Francisco (please no offshore or remote inquiries).
2. Can start ASAP
3. Can do this in a short time period (a few hours/days)
4. Has experience doing this in the past

Please send your qualifications, availability, and hourly billing rate to the address above. If there's a good fit, we may consider you for future work.

My company (www.apprivo.com) is a San Francisco based Salesforce consulting and custom development organization. I would be delighted to talk to you about how we can implement your email to case requirements in a timely manner. You can contact me at aodriscoll@apprivo.com


We are a certified salesforce.com consulting company and have implemented email to case many times.  I'd be happy to have an initial conversation about how we can help.  We are located in San Francisco as well.  Our typical bill rate is $170/hr.

If interested please Contact Alana at 415 279 1317.




I would be delighted to help.

We just finished implementing email-to-case in a company where we provided the capabilities you listed.

We also documented the process thoroughly into a best practice.

You did not provide contact infromation, so please contact me at:


(510) 206 - 9264