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Need advice on hiring an implementation consultant - UK

Hello Everyone,

We are a midsized company in the UK and having talks with different implementation groups about bringing in some experts to help us configure, customize, perform minor training, and migrate customer data for an enterprise edition installation.  We are mostly using the contact management, leads, opportunities, forecasting, modules of salesforce.com. We are recieving varying quotes and prices for consulting packages and straight daily rates and want to check with others for what they paid for to get an idea of what the proper market price is. 

For someone performing 1-2 weeks of work, what should I expect to pay for these services?

In the future we may need to perform some integration with our asset management system.  What are the rates to hire someone to perform Integration work for 1 week?


Many thanks..

I am a senior consultant who has performed salesforce.com configuration, data migration and integration services for several years now.

A one week engagement would be a "quick start" engagement.  It generally includes a Business Process Review (i.e., requirements gathering and documentation), minor custom configuration, minor data migration (and the data is extracted, cleansed and consolidated by your firm), training material development and one day of end user training.  As you can imagine, this is a lot to accomplish in one week.  As a "ball park" you should anticipate hourly rates around $200 per hour for a skilled consultant.

A two week engagement is more typical for most small to mid-sized company (simple) implementations. We use these for organizations requiring multiple business processes, multiple record types, multiple page layouts, custom objects, customized and/or multiple training sessions, and/or more involved data migration requirements.

Both the one and two week scenarios listed above assume the use of standard salesforce.com functionality and exclude any custom development and/or integration.

I would highly recommend that you use a salesforce.com "certified" consultant.  Passing salesforce.com's certification exam does require a fairly good knowledge of the product.  And, to capitalize on the benefits of Enterprise Edition, a good understanding of salesforce is required.

I also recommend that the partner you choose for the implementation have the skills necessary to perform the integration. The configuration will affect how the integration is handled.

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Hey Frank,
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