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User-friendly Views and Filters?

Hi all,


I always found the idea of Views good, but the implementation is far from being user friendly. For example - my users want to filter the custom object Reservation__c by certain properties, and the only way they can do it is by creating a new View. The problem is that the create new view concept and screen is scary for non-tech savyy users.


Is there a way to add filters to a tab list view that goes around the need to create new views by the user?


For example - allowing to filter by dates, or by status, or by amount paid etc. (all are custom properties of a custom object).


One option I thought of is to create a completely new VF page and do this from scratch, but I am trying to avoid re-creating the entire filtering feature.

Why don't you create different views yourself and assign it to different profiles depending upon their needs. When the user will log in they will only see the views they are suppose to see in the view drop down.

There are three options in every view(at the bottom of the page)
visible only to me
visible to all users(includes partner and customer portal users)
visible to certain groups of users.

You can choose the third option here and assign the view to different profile, group or role etc.


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Things I can't do with this solution:


  1. Users can do custom filters - filter between dates for example. As the dates will have to be hard-coded. I want them to be able to filter between any two dates from the list view
  2. Users can't combine Views, so I have to create many Views combining different filters. I want users to be able to filter by one or more attributes dynamically.

That's more or less what I am looking for:


Any idea how to do it?