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Deploy Change Set Between Sandboxes

I am attempting to send a Change Set from one sandbox to another. One of the objects is not being uploaded properly. It is an object which is already on the receiving object. I just want to update it, but nothing is changing. My other uploads are working properly, although none of them were updates, just objects which were not on the receiving sandbox. 

Is there a setting that could be attributable to this ? The receiving object was marked Deployed. I unmarked that in case it had any effect, but it didn't. There are of course other elements from other objects which are dependant on the receiving object, but does that matter to the Deploy process ? If so, how can I solve that - besides deleting all of the fields, classes, and triggers which are dependant on it ? 


Thank you.

Jeff MayJeff May

Are you getting a specific error?  In general, objects can be overridden by ChangeSet deployments assuming any required relationships or use in the 'target' org are still met.