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Creating a multi-step approval process

Hi there,


Does anyone know of a way of creating a multi-step approval process? I.e. When one approver approves it, case is sent to the next approver ( approver 2) then when approver 2 approves it, it goes to the last approver .

  1. Records enters entry criteria
  2. Approver 1 approves then
  3. Approver 2 approves after approver 1 has approved then
  4. Approver 3 approves after approver 2 has approved.
  5. Finalize.

Please let me know if this is possible. I am not sure if the appall process updates a specific field in the case object on every approval step.




yes its possible, use Standard Setup Wizard for the new approval process. else you can use the standard workflow to have more flexibility.


Absolutely possible. There are couple of considerations you need to take care:

  • 2nd and 3rd approver is fixed or does it change per user?
  • If yes then you need to set 'Manager' field of users

You can create Approval Steps, where in you can mention the criteria and field updates. For each steps you can have specific field updates, tasks, email alerts etc. So I would set the Approval Status field to Approved by 1st, Approved by 2nd etc.


It is straight forward. Let me know if you need more help.


Sounds like you are trying to make a serial step approval. Definitely possible

The idea is to put in filters in Approval Stages, in a such a way that they overlap. 

Lets say for instance you have 3 steps
Step 1: Filter - > If Discount < 10 then assign to User 1
Step 2: Filter - > If Discount < 30 then assign to User 2
Step 3: Filter - > If Discount < 50 then assign to User 3

If discount value at the time of Sumbit for Approval is 20, then Approval will first be assigned to User2, if User2 Approves then as User 3's criteria also accomodates this, User 3 will get the nect approval. 

There are a few more technicalities you need to care of. You kind more details in the link below