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Copy value from related list on Account to a Case under that Account

I have a related list for "Assets" on my Accounts Page Layout.  There is a particular value in the Assets related list - Deployment Type.  Deployment Type is a picklist field with 3 different possible values.


I would like to be able to create a new Case under that Account and pull the value in the Deployment Type field of the Assets related list on the Account page into a new custom field on the Case Page Layout.


Is this possible?

V AnandV Anand
Here Account is parent and asset is child then which child data you want to pull on account .
We can pull the recent child data(i mean last created child) on parent with the help of workflow.

now you can use the pulled data of account in the case creation using formula on case .
Is there any way such that All user can create a case but only the record owner or queue member of perticular record will able to close the case

I'm sorry, but I don't fully understand your reply.  Let me provide a few more details that may help.  


- On each Accounts page there is a related list for the Assets object.  

- Within that related list there are several fields including Asset Name, Quantity, and Deployment Type.  "Deployment Type" is a custom field that was created within the Assets object.  

- On each Accounts page there is also a related list for the Case object, which also provides a "New Case" button to be able to create a Case directly from the Accounts page.

- I am wanting the "Deployment Type" custom field, in the Assets related list on the Accounts page, to auto-fill into a field on a New Case created from that Accounts page.



Now, to your proposed solution.  Correct which points I am mistaken in:


1)  The "Assets" related-list is considered a "child" of the Account object - Correct?


2)  I can create a workflow rule to auto-fill a new field on the Account object (let's call that field "Field A") based on what value is in the "Deployment Type" custom field in the Assets related list - Correct?


3) I can then pull the data in Field A into the new Case using a formula field - Correct?



All of that makes sense except for #2.  How do I create a workflow to copy the value in a child ("Deployment Type" custom field within the Assets related list) to a field on to the parent ("Field A" on the Accounts page)?


Thanks again!