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Sach ChaudhariSach Chaudhari 

Moodle Salesforce Integration Solution

Paradiso Solutions has integrated Moodle/Totara platform with Salesforce. This integration allows:


  • SSO- single sign on between Moodle and Salesforce

  • Entire Moodle/Totara Embedded inside Salesforce

  • User synchronization

  • Accessing Salesforce data from Moodle

  • Accessing Moodle data such as grades, course enrollment etc from Salesforce

  • Auto course enrollment depending on the user type (customer, partner, employee etc)


You can find detailed information about different use cases with SCREENSHOTS here:




Here are the benefits of Salesforce Moodle Integration:


  • Increased participation in training by outside and inside sales teams

  • Student data helps in making internal and external marketing communications

  • Ability to track and promote partner and customer training

  • Increase productivity due to ease of use

  • HR has more visibility into usage of LMS by partners and salesforce

  • Increased revenue by selling courses online and tracking in CRM

  • HR can meet compliance and auditory needs

  • Easy access to training encourages goals of advancement.

  • Reduced training costs/staff


Paradiso Solutions provide eLearning related services such as LMS implementations and eLearning course creation.


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