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What is the difference between Security Token and Verification Code..?

can any body help me What is the difference between Security Token and Verification Code..?

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Hi Ganesh,

The verification code is required for different browser or network or system. Security token is for client tools like dataloader, outlooks or for connecting any integration web services to give access to Salesforce instance.
You can als check the following link to undestand about it.

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Salesforce Certified Developer,

When salesforce.com is accessed by a user outside their normal network (Setup > Security Controls > Network Access), they will need a two-factor authentication mechanism.

Security tokens long-lived, predetermined tokens that are used for integrations, such as the Data Loader, Excel Connector, Force.com IDE, etc. It is appended to the password, such that for the password "mypassword" and token "mytoken", the user enters "mypasswordmytoken" as the password. You can't use this token in a web browser. The security token only expires when the password changes or a new token is issued manually.

Verification codes, on the other hand, are one-time-use, short-lived codes that are sent by email or SMS when the user logs in through a browser from an unknown location. The code is not appended to the password, and is not predetermined; it is generated at the moment the user requests the token. The verification token is needed only once per browser per device (unless the cookies are reset on that browser). Once verified, the user does not have to repeat the process again on that device, and can safely discard the verification code.
Subhani PSubhani P

Awesome Explanation.


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