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Case SEO



im trying to implement a SEO solution but not having any luck.


all SEO software i see are for leads.


whats the best way to implement this for cases.


kind regards.

Can you please clarify? Are you referring to Search Engine Optimization? Or some Lead generation programs?

You mentioned about some SEO softwares for leads. Can you name some them, so we can get a better idea?

Satish Kumar
im looking for a program like daddyanalytics.
but then for cases.

with our leads we can see where our costumers are comming from.
what search phrases they used.

now with cases we cant. we would like this back.
Sandy CullenSandy Cullen
See if this could help if you are looking for search engine optimization (SEO) https://www.filerepairtools.com/moz-pro-seo-tool.html
Arsh KapoorArsh Kapoor
The question is little unclear but as far as I understood you are looking for an analytics tool to track visitors and from where they are coming from. For that I would recommend using Google Analytics or Try Google Webmaster that both can help you as I am using it for two websites www.clickretina.com and thewebinest.com
lis iselis ise
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Jilwen KalwaskeinJilwen Kalwaskein

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