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What is the Full form of APEX

What is the Full form of APEX A - Means ?? P - Means ?? E - Means ?? X - Means ?? Is there any fullform or its a general english word

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The full form of apex is:

Adavnced Programming Experience

A                 P                        EX.







That's interesting. I wonder if you have a link to prove that. Just curious, because (1) it's written Apex Code, not "A.P.E.X Code" or "A.P.EX Code", (2) I've been using Apex Code since it was a language, and I've never seen that in the doc anywhere, (3) that sounds terribly generic, (4) salesforce.com isn't prone to creating acronyms, they usually spell things out, and (5) Google shows no results for that particular acronym in correlation to salesforce.com. I mean, sounds ... uhh, neat, but I don't think it means that at all.


Edit: Not that I'm complaining, I'm just curious for the sake of not spreading mis-information for no good cause. I know that were I the person that named Apex Code and someone came along and made it something I never meant it to mean, I'd be upset.


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See APEX does not have any abbreviation, it is a strongly typed, object-oriented programming language that allows developers to execute flow and transaction control statements on the Force.com platform server in conjunction with calls to the Force.com​ API.


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If give me the answer is solution for you are not




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Thanks for all ur responses.

i got this answer from wiki answers.

You can check this link:-


But iam not sure wether it is related to salesforce or not.




If anybody ask, why its named as APEX, then what should be the answer. To whom we can contact to get the exact meaning of it...?

It is the name of the language. Does there have to be an exact meaning ? The Apex documentation gives no hints that there is any. Java doesn't stand for anything specific either, does it ? 


Yes u r right, but there would be some cause to give this title as APEX, just I need that cause at least(like Java has cause, its a coffee name given by the group who Invented Java (i think)... like that is there any reason behind this naming)


The word "apex" does have meaning independent of the programming language.  It means the highest point of something, or the top-most position.  The implication is that Apex (the language) is high-performing and at the top of modern coding.



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Possibly. It'd be interesting. Java was named because the developers originally wanted to call it Oak, but found that was a dead language, and they didn't want to cause confusion between the new language and the old. Then, they were sitting around drinking coffee (also called java), when the caffine-induced idea came to them: name it after their morning beverage of choice. Apex could very well have such an amusing story to be told, as opposed to meaning anything in particular (such as "top of modern coding"). I would wonder if someone like Simon Fel or Ron Hess might have this sort of answer. I asked some people at support about this, and they didn't know where the moniker came from, either. Not to mention, I was working in support when it came out, and they never told us what it meant, either.