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Mass Upload Pictures to Rich Text Fields

Is this possible and, if so, how? Any advice would be much appreciated. I am trying to avoid the VF route because the rich text fields have more flexibility with the pictures. However, most of my clients show up with 1000+ pictures that need to be associated with a custom object in my app and I need to mass upload. 




Please see our new app at the AppExchange:


Video, images and audio integration for Salesforce -


For every object or to the content libray you can upload folders of  pictures.


Today I did  mass load images INTO a standard RTF (Rich Text Field) in Salesforce. I did it without Visualforce and without 3rd  party applications...however there is a catch...I had to load the images as attachments.


Here's the outline:

Assume you want a Photo on each Contact.

Assume each Contact has a RTF called Photo__c

Assume you can easily figure out which images applies to which Contact


1) Load attachments (with say Data Loader) against your Contacts

2) Take the success file and add a column called "Photo__c".

3) using Excel Formulas get the Photo__c column to be populated like


<img alt="User-added image" src=""></img>


where 00PE00000020IrgMAE is the Id of the attachment.


4) You should now have a file with 3 columns



You can copy/paste your fomulas into paste special values, and then delete the Id column if you wish or you can simply ignore that column.


5) Save as CSV

6) Run Data Loader and do an Update on Contact

7) Map ContactId to Id, and Photo__c to Photo__c

8) Done


Known Issues:

1) If you delete the attachment the photo goes missing

2) If you edit the RTF via the UI and replace the photo you have an unwanted attachment on the Contact taking up storage space


But hey! You don't have custom code! And now you have an image in an RTF!!

Alexander Tarasevich 6Alexander Tarasevich 6
Mass down/uploading of images from/into Rich Text Area fields is now fully supported by XL-Connector (
Just paste your images into Excel cells and run Update or Insert DML operation to mass upload any number of them.
Simply run a SOQL query pulling from a Rich Text Area field to download the images and show them directly in Excel (don't forget to pull the Id field or the pictures won't download).