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SFDC Quickbooks integration


We have an urgent need for a project component. We need to export donations entered in Salesforce.com and import these entries into QuickBooks 2008 as deposits.


We are looking for a consultant who can take this data and write code to convert this data to an import file for QuickBooks (required). We believe this will be in IIF format, likely need to write custom code to create this file directly from within Salesforce.com.


Do you know how to do this? Or, do you have any recommendations?


Udi Merhav
Principal Consultant
Office 1-866-628-8744 (Toll Free)
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Fax 415-462-0233

Hello crmorbit,

I have not had personal experience with this process but I did find this that may assist you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Execute EZSAASExecute EZSAAS
Have you looked at AppExchange? I saw many products (I haven't used any) with such features publicized. e.g High5 - ConnctSQ
David GreenbergDavid Greenberg
Hi Udi,

Thanks for your posting.

Our company, Ensemble, has done a number of QB integrations, and we can assist you with this project.

Please visit our site at http://www.ensemblecrm.com/

I left you a voicemail as well, so if you are interested in discussing further, please feel free to call me direct: 510-685-8788.