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Apex Developers Wanted

 Position: Apex Developer


This person will be responsible for fixing bugs and adding new features to the product using the Salesforce Apex and VisualForce technologies. Apex is a powerful server side language unique to Salesforce that allows developers to write complex business logic that lives on the server.


·         Understand the requirements behind new product features from product management

·         Fix bugs in existing Apex code and develop new product features using the Apex and Visual Force Toolkits

·         Create Apex  and Visual Force code to implement new functions in the product


·         Minimum 1 years experience with Apex code

·         Minimum 3 years experience with Java

·         Knowledge of the Salesforce API required

·         Knowledge of Java and object oriented concepts required

·         Ability to quickly turn around new features and test thoroughly

·         Ability to work independently on product enhancements


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Joe-Ionia Corp.Joe-Ionia Corp.
Good Morning;
Ionia Corporation also offers assistance in all aspects of SFDC customizations and/or integrations.  I just responded to your developer with word experience but we also offer customization in all facets from integration, triggers, S-Controls, and all forms of custom development (website integration, forms auto population, BizTalk integration, etc.).  Reach out to us and we can discuss how Ionia has changed companies and we will setup time for you to talk directly with our customers.

Joe Gaska

Ionia Corporation
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If you are looking for any SFDC developers kindly let us know. We have resources available immediately.