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Invoicing Solution Available - Multi- Currency Support - Dollar, Euro, GBP, Yen

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Salesforce.com certified developer has a sophisticated invoicing platform.

Automate your Invoicing, Billing and Receivables within salesforce.com.

Elegant solution supports all currencies including Euro, Dollar, GBP, Yen, etc.

  1. Connects with customer opportunities
  2. Connects to Accounts
  3. Sequential numbering feature
  4. E-Invoicing capabilities
  5. Traditional Print invoice capabilities for direct mail or attach copy
  6. Automated invoice can be attached to different (sent from) locations
  7. Solution covers opportunities with and without revenue schedules
  8. Tabulated figures including taxes, special add-ons, etc
  9. Multi-currency model available
  10. When opts contain one product, they can be invoiced automatically on a set date.
  11. When opts contain multiple products they can also be invoiced automatically as long as the invoice date is the same.
  12. Business analysis is required to determine if this feature works for each case.

Contact me with your exact needs.

Ivan Feher