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Web to lead

I have a forum registration form on my website and would like to pass info to saleforce in the form of a lead. Ideally I would just use the web-to-lead functionality that comes with saleforce (in the form of an html form that gets sent straight to saleforce). The only thing is that I need to be able to intercept the data with php so that I can save it to my local database before passing it on to salesforce. Will I have to use the saleforce api to do this, or is there a way in php to process the data and then post it to saleforce from within the code, e.g. using header(Location: salesforcepage.html) with post option. Don't think you can do this but would love to here if there's a way.
Any help greatly appreciated.
p.s. would love to do this without the api as my client only has professional edition, and it would be a big expense to upgrade to enterprise for one form.
Tran ManTran Man
Yeah, I was going to suggest using the Salesforce PHP toolkit and the API until I read your postscript.  You can  still write a php script that  collects the data on submit, uploads it to your db, and then do a programmatic post to the endpoint of the generated web2lead.  I would suggest using the HTTP Request pear package for this.

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Didn't realise there was a PEAR package for posting forms and could find nothing on the net about how to do this from within the php code. So thank you very much indeed.
I've just finished testing the above and eveything's working a treat.
You the man.
What i suggest is that you use FormVester (from the AppExchane) instead of the default salesforce web2lead utility. Basically FormVester allows generating leads into salesforce from any of your existing online forms, just by inserting a javascript snippet into your website pages.
Set your online form as normal, with a php script to collect the data on submit, and FormVester should be able to generate the lead into salesforce.

Give it a try, I think that might solve your problem.