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How do I view source code of Sforce Excel Connector

Hi All,

I've downloaded the sforce_connect_for_pe.xla. Is that not the open source version of Sforce connector because it prompts me for password. Thanks.

Ron HessRon Hess
yes, the _for_pe version is locked down and not open to inspection.

to see the source you need to download the other version (designed for Enterprise Edition) and then open the VBA Editor environment with Tools->Macros->Visual Basic Editor.

Even if you don't have Enterprise version, you can still view the code, you just can't run the code against the SOAP API endpoint.
John SiedlickiJohn Siedlicki
I've just started using the Excel Connector for PE (really great, thanks). Are there any feature of functionality differences between the PE and EE editions?

Ron HessRon Hess
No, not really.
only recent changes have been minor tweaks for non english locales and an extra dialog box in the wizard to select columns, that version is beta at this point.
Mike Schinkel.ax196Mike Schinkel.ax196
Is the reason you can't see the code because of something that the PE edition passes to SalesForce to allow the API to work with Professional? (why oh why Salesforce things it's a good idea to limit the API to EE is beyond me. It's the smaller companies that are more apt to offer add-ons for sale after they first create them for their own use.)
Basically... yes.

However the number of ways around this 'restriction' of PE vs. EE API access is growing with each new tool that brings the API to PE. While I won't discuss the at least 3 ways to circumvent the restriciton a little research will provide you with what you are looking for.

Frankly tho, if you're going to go _that_ far to circumvent the PE API restriction vs using thoe available tools, you're probibly going to need other EE features that you can't circumvent.