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Salesforce integration with Live Meeting

I think it was a year ago that it was announced that SF was developing an integration with Live Meeting.  Has anyone done this or does anyone have any advise on how to do it?
The project was cancelled....  There are currently no plans to bring it back.
We've done it.  Created our own Web Conference manager object & by utilizing S-controls & Custom links we can schedule, reschedule & cancel our webinars in Live Meeting.  Once the option is available - we will make these custom links - buttons .:smileyvery-happy:
It's mid-2008. Did this, or will this integration ever happen?

If not, poor novice developer that I am, I take it that a typical URL Custom link, such as:$Firstname11={!Lead.FirstName}, etc...

or some variation won't work? I've looked at the page source for a typical Live Meeting registration page and tried the ID field for FirstName, LastName, Phone, etc... and nothing comes up.

Again, I'm a novice, but the '?' receives the Live Meeting page name, but everything after the ampersand won't load into the page when I click on the custom URL link to this page in the Salesforce Lead record. Does this mean that:

Live Meeting won't accept adding fields into a form?; or
That I'm using the wrong syntax (as in maybe there is an internal syntax for Live Meeting)?; or
That because it's an 'aspx' page, that there is a different syntax for adding data into the form fields?; or
Some other reason I'm too green as a developer to fathom?


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Hi - Did you ever get a response on how to do this?





Nothing, Zilch, Nada from anyone.


I believe we are SOL on this one. 


Well I will let you know if I find out anything. :)




Could you please share more info on how your achieved this? We are trying to develop a webconferencing feature into an events module that we are developing.


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