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Javascript Reload

I've got a custom link that is opening a new window and displaying a page from an external website.  When my users are done I would like to close the window and refresh the SalesForce window so that it reloads showing the users the new data.
I've tried the normal Javascript calls, but they don't work, mostlikely because of the cross domain scripting security.
Does anyone know of a work around for this?
Have you tried opener.reload() This works fine for me in a similar situation.
I tried that as well, and no luck either....still the Cross-Site scripting security issue.  Too bad there wasn't a method in SalesForce to refresh the page itself when it notices that the Pop-up window closed.

You could try:


window.opener.location.href = "/" + caseId;


it works in Chrome and Firefox, but not working in IE8. I am also looking for a solution for IE.