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hai to all suggest me for a career in Salesforce

hai to all ... 

am newbie to salesforce.. am basically siebel developer . just learning sales force by my own.. just i registered myself before 2 minutes ago.

Can any one tell me how is the career for Salesforce In India ?

and also can u suggest what is the pre requisites to learn Salesforce ?

and also please suggest what is the best documentation to study and learn myself and master to salesforce ?

Please reply ur suggestions and ideas to 



Welcome to the Salesforce Developer community! You may want to check out the Jobs board here, there are many listings of opportunites around the globe for Salesforce developers. Also check out the workbooks we offer that will guide through building your first app - http://developer.force.com/workbook. The techincal library on our site has a lot of great content you can use to teach yourself how to develop on the platform. Training classes are also offered - http://www.salesforce.com/services-training/training_certification/training.jsp#develop. You can learn tons from our discussion boards as well. Finally, see if there is a developer user group in your area, because that is a great way to meet other Salesforce developers and learn from them. http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Force.com_User_Groups

Sujan Kumar ReddySujan Kumar Reddy
Hi Kiran,

Truth be told, there is an industry driven by Salesforce. However, consider this:

To make a considerable living out of Salesforce, you must be a Developer, Consultant or Architect.

Google what are the duties of a Salesforce Developer, Consultant or Architect. This way you see if you are up to the challenge.

If you are only an administrator you are limited to jobs in India.

Hope this helps you, good luck in your endevors.