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Renaming standard object

Hi friends,

In my app I have renamed standard Account tab to customer. After this custom object with name as Customer is created(which is part of other app). Now accidentally I have reset the standard Account object to defaults. When i tried renaming the account tab to Customer I got error as "duplicate value, a custom object already exist". Will this effect the Api names, how can I rename the account tab again to customer?

Please suggest a good solution to overcome this problem as renaming account as customer is mandatory.

Cory CowgillCory Cowgill

Labels will not affect the API names. For example, the field label for API FIeld "Account" is changed from "Account" to "Customer". The API Field name remains "Account". So label changes will not effect API names and/or integrations.


I am not sure how to resolve you issue with the tabs. Can you go back into Setup -> Customize -> Tabs and Lables. In there you should be able to rename Account to Customer and not create duplicate Tabs.