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Inserting Tasks within Data Loader

Hi All,

I am attempting to insert around 214 Tasks for contacts already in the system. I have 2 questions. 1. Would the body of the activity be considered a description? The information I want to Import include the Activity date, stutus, subject, and the body. I Also have contact id numbers associated with each.  2. The date format, It seems to be extremely partifular and keeps coming back with an error message saying the date is wrong. I have been researching and playing with this for a while and was hoping someone can show me what i'm missing.


Hi Kgoldhammer,


Description will be used as body for Activity. Desciption field is present in task where you can put body of activity while inserting tasks. Completed task will be moved to activity histories by salesforce. You just need to insert completed tasks with status as completed.


For date you need to use below format


YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.000Z   for example 2013-03-26T08:46:30.000Z  (here Z belongs to GMT).


If your time zone is GMT+5:00 then use this format 2013-04-03T23:24:30.000GMT+5:00


Hope this will help you.

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