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Need clear definitions

Can I have the clear definitions of these tables?


Hi Edwards,

Campaigns: A Campaign is any marketing project that you want to plan, manage, and track in Salesforce.

Task : An activity or to-do item to perform or that has been performed.

Opportunities: An Opportunity is any potential revenue-generating event (“sales deal” ) that you want to track in Salesforce.

Profile: A collection of settings and permissions that define how a user accesses records.

For more objects you can get the details on Objects Definition

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Edward chanEdward chan
For those records which I've created inside my DeveloperForce cloud, how can I know the relevant table to see my records of my cloud?

Hi ,

If I am correct then by DeveloperForce Cloud is org which you have created for yourself and the table refers to the type of data which you want to track like Account [#to show it as on screen we use Tabs] . Comparing Salesforce with SQL we can refer the records as row and tables as objects

So the answer to this would be .. you need to click on the tab to see a list view of records and also when you click one of record a detail page of the record which you selected will appear. Creating Tab comes in the process of object creation . More Details is HERE.

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