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Rahul JhaRahul Jha 

Need Help in choosing framework for my web appliction



I am new in java web application developer's world. I am having a project where i have to deal with huge amount of data of a client and calculation based on that data. if any changes made to tha data the calculation should be done immediately. so I want the help in selection of framework . so please suggest me some better framework with its advantage. 



Thanks in advance..........


If you use formula fields, the next time the record is observed, the formula will calculate the value. Nothing is changed in the Salesforce back end until you observe the record, so there is no performance penalty.


If you're wanting an offline reporting system, then by all means build a data warehouse with Relational Junction for Salesforce. It's designed to handle unlimited amounts of data and build a mirror image of your Salesforce data in a dataabase (Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Sybase, Greenplum, Informix)


If you want to actually update lots of data, writing Java code to go against massive amounts of Salesforce data has some serious drawbacks, including glacial performance compared to a local database, and API limits per 24-hour period. In that case, the mirrored database approach might solve your business case also.