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Export and Import between Orgs on SFDC

Hi all
We have two SFDC organisations and I need to export data between orgs however the apex data loader looks too scary and I have visions of importing accounts with the wrong contacts and opportunities added, further making sure the contact history is transferred across.
If you think you may be able to provide assistance on this at a reasonable cost, please can you drop me a mail.
You didn't provide an email address, but you can contact me at rick.banister@sesamesoftware.com for the answer to your question.


MK Partners has been performing data migrations with salesforce for five years.  We have migrated sets of data as small as a 1000 records and as large as 900,000 records.  We offer reasonable rates and discounts to nonprofits.  Please give me a call at (310) 652-0686 or visit us at www.mkpartners.com.

Matt Kaufman