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Conflict with workflow rules



As part of the Lead scoring implementation I am coming across few challenges. Here is the picture:

Have few custom (formulae) fields: Title Score, Industry Score, Revenue Score and Location Score.


For location score I have created 3 workflow rules (Created or Edited) divided across the 51 US states, state value placed in another custom field. Each workflow evaluates Sate value against few states mentioned and puts the Score respectively. Example: If the person is based out of PA, it checks against all 3 workflows, which ever evaluated as true, that workflow triggers the field update action and place the Score I have given within the "Location Score" field.


I have a custom formula filed (Total Score) which add  the scores in all 4 fileds mentioned above and puts the total score. Now I have another field  (Category)which shold determine Record category as A or B or C based on the total score.


For this I have created 3 workflows (created or edited) again like First workflow evaluates the rule "Total Score <=70" when triggered field update action should update "Category" filed as "C", second workdlow rule with rule criteria "Total Score>=71 && Total Score <=85" when meet should update the "Category" filed as "B", same way third work flow rule "Total Score >=86" should update Category field as "A".


Finally the proble is when I am creating the record the first category of workflows getting executed and updating the "Location Score" field, also getting the "Total Score". But the second set of workflows not getting executed (which supposted to be evaluated based on the Total Score) and I see black in the Category field. But when I edit and save the record then I can see the Category value. Why it is not working on record creation though I mentioned the work flow rules (second set of 3 rules) to be evaluated on Creating or editing every record.


Please help me on this.





Hi Rich,
Though you have stated your problem statement in great detail still I would like to restate it and pose some questions:-
1. is the second set of WFR based on Total Score (a formula field)?
If yes its formula field then let me tell you that WFR are not triggered in response to a formula field?
It has to be a normal field and action like create or edit (update or insert) will only trigger a WFR.
I would suggest the field on which your WFR are based should be a normal field which gets changed on a update action on the field.
Do let me know if it answers you query.
Thanks and regards