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How to update Contact field when Account Team Member is updated, deleted, inserted?



I am trying to figure out the way how I can update a field on a Contact object, whenever the contact's account's account team member (User) is created (inserted), edited (updated) or removed (deleted) .


I realized that Workflows dont support this.


I also realized that it is not possible to create a Trigger on the AccountTeamMember child object as SF doesn't seem to allow creation of triggers on child objects.


In that case, what is the best way to handle this scenario? Any suggestions/thoughts?





You can create triggers on child objects, just not AccountTeamMember at this time. Enabling custom fields, workflow, and apex triggers on AccountTeamMember is on the roadmap, but upgrading these objects to be first class like we did with OpportunityTeamMember is no small feat.





I'm on a wild goose chase on this and the only silver lining in the Salesforce cloud I can see here is using an Apex Batch class where I can probably write the logic.


By the way, is this feature coming in the next release?