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John BraunJohn Braun 

Creating a new quote WITHOUT copying opportunity line items

Hi Guys,


I understand it's native functionality within the quoting/quote sync functionality for when you have existing quote line items synced, if you create a new quote agains that opportunity, it copies the line items from the previous quote.


There's got to be a way around this, even if it involves code, right? Does anyone have experience with this type of business requirement or know how it could be accomplished? Thanks for the help!!!


Hi John,


You can stop the sync on the Quote object during the creation of a new quote. I believe this should stop the lineitems update into Opportunity. 





John BraunJohn Braun



Thanks for the reply!


Unfortunately and oddly enough, stoping the sync of the currently syncing quote does not solve the problem. Even after stopping all syncing, if you attempt to create a new related quote, it will copy the opportunity product line items from the previously synced quote.


Not sure what the SFDC reason is for this!

Alexis KasperaviciusAlexis Kasperavicius
There is a standard boolean field on the Quote object called:

If it's set to FALSE on record creation the line items don't get made.

Note: The API reference says it's an unused field, but I just tested it now and it seems to work fine.
Eric JJ van HorssenEric JJ van Horssen

@Alex K.


I know this is an older thread, still wanted to ake a note on this.

When creating a New Quote through the user interface, this field is not available, you can not set it through WF or PB, I can in a trigger, but it does not change anything.

Creating a quote through the API, like from the developer console, does not create line items, the above mentioned field, does not have any effect.


So back to square one.



Alexis KasperaviciusAlexis Kasperavicius
I checked and it and that field no longer seems to do anything (as they promised, it just took a while). Becuase of the general myterious behavior of Quote creation, I ended ditching the standard feature and writing a flow to both create the Quote and Quote Line Items, then re-mapped the standard buttons. It took half an hour and solved all the problems. Now everyone understands its behavior, works in lightning, etc. I suggest just ditching it - it's not worth wasting the effort to figure out how it works as its just a black box feature from the early days of Salesforce and very straightforward to recreate.