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Kind of salesforce's account

Hi there,


I'm newbie with salesforce environment so I've been developing some canvas as well as connection with Oauth to let users log in my web site. For the moment I manage to do it with a developer account and a force.com light account (free trial). At this moment everything is working well but I hesitate about what kind of license I need, I mean that I don't know if developer account is all I need to work or I'll need to purchase another kind of license.





Hi didlin,


Every salesforce editions are separted by the License limitation only,


Just go through this below links, you will understand which one is best for you.








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You can do everything in developer edition but  some limitation is there, developer edition is more enough for the beginners and learners, if you want to use the edition for your organization or official purpose just go for unlimited edition($250/month). 

Because Professional($65/month) and Enterprise edition($125/month) are not supported all the features.


The below link is comparision chart.




Hi Didlin, 


Please contact our team and they will brief you about the editions and capabilities, https://www.salesforce.com/form/contact/contactme.jsp?d=

And if you wish to develop apps for AppExchange as a partner you would need a partner Dev Org which has all the features: http://www.salesforce.com/partners/join/