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Cross object formula field from child to parent - possible?

We have a custom field on contracts for "Contract Type" that we eventually want displayed on any opportunities associated with related account. I had thought the first step would be to have the contract type displayed on the account as a text and then have a cross object formula roll that down to the opportunities (and ultimately several custom objects related to the opportunities).


My question is how to have the contract type roll up from contracts onto the account. I know I can have that displayed in the contracts related list on the accounts page, but there's no way from there to roll it down to the opportunity.


Another hiccup is that there could be multiple contracts of varying types on one account and we would like to list all of the types on the account.


Would appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!




I got the same issue ...This is possible through Trigger

Need to write a trigger on Child  Object ...get the contract type and update a formula field on Account with this value in Trigger.


If you want to show all Contract Types of all child Records on account ...better to go with VF and Class.


If any one knows easy way ...please welcome...