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Merging Organizations In Non Profit Salesforce

I have the following problem:Can anyone suggest a way to this.


There are two different organizations by the same name and different documents,Affiliated contracts,payments and bunch of other stuff related to both of them but on an whole they both should be one.And we also have the ihance email integration that logs in emails that are diffrent for both the organization.


So we need to merge all the data also related to both the organizations to one.

I am working as a SF Admin/Dev in the Company and i am pretty new to salesforce and don't know much about this.Can anyone suggest me the most efficient way to achieve it without any kind of data loss from both the organizations.

Any input is greatly appreciated.Thanks a lot in advance.


Organizations Means you have to take Accounts.

Click on Account Tab

Right side Below cornor you find TOOLS --> Merge Accounts

Go with that and type your aoganization name then Find Attachment-->next -->Merge


So i think it be helpful for you..


Please reply back whether it is correct or not...



Hi Premnath

Yes it is correct.I was going through the tabs and i saw that Accounts Tab's Display Name is being remaned to Organization.So yes i will be trying the merge in sandbox and see how it works.Have you tried the merge before.I was just worried for the merge because there are diffrent contracts and documents uploaded to both the accounts.So will they merge evenly Because in the mapping i didnt see any option. Any idea


Hi ,


 You can create two accounts with  related records i.e Notes and attachements , contracts.

Try to merge the accounts like as i said above.

Related list of two Account records comes under one record only.

But we cannot merge the child records(related records).


Thank you,