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Salesforce developer needed for implementation and customization and integration

Need assistance in getting up and running, to develop a few custom controls, i.e. multiple delete of bad imports into custom objects.
Need to create some more custom objects
Need to integrate object information with website data

Please send your requirement to manney@globalerp.com and we are ready to address your needs immediately.


We have built multiple applications on Salesforce and would be happy to discuss how we could assist you with your project. Please feel free to contact me at 773-661-4108 or george@appiphony.com

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May I suggest Relational Junction Portal for Salesforce. This is a web portal that integrates with Salesforce.com. See www.sesamesoftware.com/portal/ for more details.

Relational Junction Portal for Salesforce Enables your customers to
  • Open and track issues
  • Dialog with Customer Service
  • Sign up as customers
  • Submit orders
  • Fully integrated with Salesforce.com
  • Fully extensible
  • Custom fields, custom objects
  • Integrates with your web site look and feel
  • Hosted or on-premise

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We can surely help you with your project needs. Please learn more about our salesforce services at http://www.mansasys.com/salesforce

Please contact me at siva.devaki@mansasys.com for further assistance.

510 725 4585
Thanks. Tried the link, didn't work for me. Please confirm the link for me. I'm in China, maybe that has something to do with it let me know. Otherwise I can email you.
Please email at siva.devaki@mansasys.com to discuss further.
Contact me with Full Requriment.
With the new Salesforce sites functionality, you might be able to take salesforce pages and make them available on your website.

However, this is not fully released yet.

Please contact goforcego@gmail.com - I can help with this project.