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Wanted: Looking for clients who have too much on their plate....

We are looking for clients who have too much on their plate, just purchased salesforce.com, and need help getting Salesforce up and running in a short time.
We are also looking for clients who have ideas about cool customizations and new AppExchanges but can not wait for months!

Senior project manager with:
Proven experience managing and delivering large-scale applications from inception to transition phase.
Proven experience designing and developing AppExchanges and mashups [see Ida Apps for Google Alerts on AppExchange].
Unmatched ability to act as the liaison between management, business, and development teams; and
salesforce.com expert.

Check my profile at www.linkedin.com/in/idaapps

Mina Mansour

Message Edited by Ida Apps on 11-19-2008 02:51 PM
We have a part-time position open for an SF admin to finish forecast implementation and admin the system.  Do you have access to such a person?
Abe Ash
Lowell MA