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Rob P12Rob P12 

Can you pass arguments into the SF Query

I am reading data from an external system that is passing the OIP Number as Field goipno_pos the value in this field is 73015. I am trying to match this number is SF, But when the query is executed the record is not Found. When I hardcode the number in place of goipno_pos the record is found. What should I do to get the argument to work. Here is the programs query statment: Set qr = g_sfApi.Query("select ID, Name, Named_Opportunity__c, OIPCloseDate__c, OIPNumber__c, OIP_Expiration_Date__c, Opp_Number__c, Special_Pricing_Status__c from Opportunity where (OIPNumber__c = 'goipno_pos')", False) Help J. Taylor - TrailBlazer
Ron HessRon Hess
you would construct the select string by concat

"select blah ....  IOPNumber__c = '" & goinpo_pos & "' ) " )

then pass that string into query()