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Word MailMerge Opportunity LineItem Fields in tables

please help with my little problem using mail merge fields from Opportunity_LineItem in Word tables. The problem occurs only in word tables. I want to get all opportunity LineItems from one opportunity in one Word table. I'm using Opportunity_LineItem_Start and Opportunity_LineItem_End. It works wonderfull but if I put two fields in one cell of the table there is a strange behaviour of the mergefields:
What I write in one cell: <<Opportunity_LineItem_UnitPrice>> <<Opportunity_LineItem_Quantity>>
What I get is: 100 € <<Opportunity_LineItem_UnitPrice>> 1
What I want is: 100 € 1
This is an simplified example and demonstrates the problem really good.
I'm using Word 2003 with the recent SForceOffice Integration.
Perhaps this is a bug of Office Integration. Is there any workaround? Does anyone knows this problem?
I found this same issue as well.  It is a bug in the salesforce mail merge code.  There is no solution here
so you will need to log a case bug report.