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using SForceOfficeToolkitLib3.SForceSession3 call login fail

I'm using  vs .net 2005 to develop a client AP.
I want to support the salesforce professional edition users can through my client ap to connector the SF database.
but I go a problem when I follow the document and try it...
my code is like the follow:
namespace XSforceOfficeToolkit
    public class XSForceOffTk
        public SForceOfficeToolkitLib3.SForceSession3 g_sfApi = null;       
        public void ShowErrMessage(string m_errMsg)
        public bool Login(string name, string pwd)
            Console.WriteLine("XSForceOffTk :: Init() Enter");
            bool bLogin = false;
            g_sfApi = new SForceOfficeToolkitLib3.SForceSession3();
            bLogin = g_sfApi.Login(name, pwd);
            if(bLogin == true){
                ShowErrMessage("Login Success !");
                //ShowErrMessage("Login Fail !");
            Console.WriteLine("XSForceOffTk :: Init() Exit");
            return bLogin;
the fail message is :
1. API is not enabled for this Organization or Partner.
does anyone know where's wrong...thanks for your help~~~~
This is a total guess...
g_sfApi = new SForceOfficeToolkitLib3.SForceSession3();
Also i dont think API is enabled on the professional edition, only enterprise and above.
No idea if that will work, as im new to this myself, but that would be my guess. I would suggest trying the same code connecting to a developer account to see if the connection details are correct.
thanks krisc,
Because I ever use the Salesforce.com Office edition Add-in tools and it can work by professional, enterprise, unlimite version's account to login.
So, I found the Office ToolkitDeveloper’s Guide maybe support ....
By the way, accourding to your information...
I guess that this link is the default for develop edition version's using ....
maybe salesforce.com has another link that support professional edition version user....
professional Edition does not include API access. If your a certified partner, you may be able to get API access granted for your product to PE users.
yeah sorry the url i posted was taken direct from the project im working on which is tied into the developer edition while in development, sorry.
Which SalesForce partnership would be needed to have it enabled.  ISV, Consulting or Referral ?