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Sharepoint/Salesforce Integration Overview

Can someone give me a quick overview of what is required to pull Salesforce data into Sharepoint 2007 web parts? Specifically, we would like to pull a dashboard gauge, chart or table, or a report, into a Sharepoint web part that displays on a Sharepoint page.

Is there any software, library, toolkit or SDK required?

How is the call made to Salesforce? How is the authentication handled?


Jay Brennan



Does not look like anyone ever replied to you.  We think that you can use the BDC to do this.  Would be very interested to chat with you more about this.


Jay, were you able to figure this out?  I'd like to understand how it can be done.
Jay, Did you ever get this to work?  We are investigating connecting SFDC to MOSS2007. Chuck

We have done this many times using a native as well as a Business Data Catalog ( BDC) based approach that has been mentioned in this thread. Please contact me ( ) if you need more information.



We sell a web part that allows you to display Salesforce data in a SharePoint web part - either WSS or MOSS 2007.


The web part is a multi-purpose data display web part called the SharePoint Data Zoom web part. 


One of the extensions that we sell for it is called the SharePoint Data Zoom Web Part Extension for Sales.   It sells for $995 for a server license.


The nice thing about our solution is that it is driven by a scripting language (nVelocity) that goes along with the web part.  That means that you can design custom data displays and reports to your heart's content.


Here are some live examples of this product working in a SharePoint Web Part in a SharePoint site:


Sales Funnel Demo


Won-Lost-Closed Demo


Again, these are just two examples from scripts that ship with the web part.  You can design any kind of display or report you need by developing your own script.  If you are a VB programmer or Javascript programer or even just a power user who knows how to write script, you can easily learn nVelocity and do whatever you want.


We've been developing commercial software for SharePoint for the past five years and are one of the leaders in SharePoint training, consulting and software.


We also are a happy customer :).


Jeff Cate


SharePoint Solutions

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Hi, we have a very flexible integration to many enterprise systems including  Our product will actually synchronize salesforce data directly into sharepoint lists with full translated security mapping for you to do what you want with. It is a one way sync and can be scheduled to run as frequently as needed. We also do NOT impact your daily quotas as other methods of integration can.


Our connectors are also used for SharePoint and FAST search engines.

Goto  for more information.


Have a look here, a whitepaper about SharePoint Integration with with Magic Software iBOLT.

When we click a link to any document that we have in Sharepoint from a detail page of an object in Salesforce, a dialog pops up for username and password for Sharepoint. Even after entering those, I am not redirected to the document the link points to. Can you suggest what I, or our Sharepoint administrator may need to do to resolve this?

Hi Jeff,


I visited your demo sites but  I encountered following error;




Invocation of method 'GetUsers' in SPSolutions.SharePoint.DataZoom.Apex.Entities.ApexUsers threw exception System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException : INVALID_OPERATION_WITH_EXPIRED_PASSWORD: The users password has expired, you must call SetPassword before attempting any other API operations
Is there anyway to see your demo application? 
Best Regards,
Osman Kumas
Product Support Engineer



Hi Ossy,


Thanks for the question.  Unfortunately, we no longer sell the Data Zoom web part with Salesforce Integration. 


I am sorry we can't help you with that.


Best regards,


Jeff Cate


I was interested in the BDS solution. Could you provide some more information?


I need to pull salesforce data into a list.


Tnaks for sharing this Markus. You an find the AVL case study from here as well: