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Trouble locating Contact Object Service Reference in .NET

I am able to login to using .NET.

The problem is using any of the standard objects.


I am unable to contruct a Contact or Account object.

I am guessing I need to add the Service Reference?

Not sure how to do that, since I'm still new to .NET 



Here is my code, sorry code insert does not work!!!:


 static void Main(string[] args)

            string userName = "username";
            string password = "password";
            string soql = "select LastName,FirstName,TaxID__c from Contact";

            SforceService SfdcBinding = null;
            LoginResult CurrentLoginResult = null;
            SfdcBinding = new SforceService();
                CurrentLoginResult = SfdcBinding.login(userName, password);
                //reset the SOAP endpoint.
                SfdcBinding.Url = CurrentLoginResult.serverUrl;
                //set the session id into the binding
                SfdcBinding.SessionHeaderValue = new SessionHeader();
                SfdcBinding.SessionHeaderValue.sessionId = CurrentLoginResult.sessionId;

                QueryResult queryResult = null;

                queryResult = SfdcBinding.query(soql);

                if (queryResult.size > 0)
                    //put some code in here to handle the records being returned
                    int i = 0;

                    Console.WriteLine("Logged in user can see "
                          + queryResult.size + " contact records.");

                    sObject obj = new sObject();
                    //Lead lead = (Lead)queryResult.records[i];
                    //string firstName = lead.FirstName;
                    //string lastName = lead.LastName;
                    //string businessPhone = lead.Phone;
                    //put some code in here to handle no records being returned
                    string message = "No records returned.";


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Have you walked through the quick start in the API docs ?

In Salesforce 


Select 'Setup' at top of your salesforce home page

Select 'Develop' under App Setup

Select 'API' under Develop


Right click 'Generate Enterprise WSDL' under Enterprise WSDL

Select 'Save Target As'

Save as 'yourFileName.wsdl' as type all files in a location of your choosing


In Visual Studio


Right click your project in the Solution Explorer

Select 'Add Web Reference'

Enter the path and file name of the saved wsdl as the URL in the dialog that opens such as 'c:\myWsdls\foo.wsdl'

Click green arrow

Name the web reference in the right column, I use 'forceWebReference' or something along those lines or leave it defaulted(not recomended).

Click 'Add Reference'


You should now be able to create Contacts etc. using as the type

Keep in mind that contacts are intended to be used as an array of contacts if there will be many

contacts upserted or created etc.


Good Luck

Hope this gets you started.