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Case Auto-Response doesn't trigger through API (PHP)

I am in the process of converting a Web2Case form into a script that uses the API (version: 2.5) to add new cases. Unfortunately, having done so, it appears that emails automatically generated through the auto-response are no longer firing.  This is odd, because the debug log seems indicate that the auto-response rule is matching and firing appropriately:

Rule entry order: 1
[Case : Case Origin starts with ASSIST]
Value found: ASSIST (Support Web Site)
Criteria evaluates to true
Spooling All Immediate Actions
 [Case: 00009713 500T0000001emr9]
  Response notify: Caeli Collins, Email: caeli.collins@onstor.com
  Template: 00X00000006oqrQ

Am I reading the debug log incorrectly? The rule appears to match and spool up, but nothing is received.  With a little digging around, I found the triggerAutoResponseEmail switch which can be sent in the SOAP query, but I do not believe the old API that I am working with supports this. 

I should also note that I am working in the sandbox and that when attempting to create a case directly through the browser interface, I also do not receive the auto-response notifications.  Could this be the issue?

Thanks in advance.

Message Edited by charlesg on 09-10-2008 10:25 AM

Was there ever any resolution to this?