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Ruby/ActiveSalesforce use of save, save!, create or create!

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Hi There

I was trying to find documentation and/or sample code that demonstrates the different use cases for save, save!, create and create!


In particular, I’d like the proper method to (let’s say) create a new Account, and they “attach” Contacts to this new Account. I know that SFDC API “create” returns the newly created object id (if successful).


How would I do this in Ruby/ActiveSalesforce?

What does “create” in ActiveSalesforce actually return?




Hi Josh,


I'm part of the team that is maintaining ActiveSalesforce, mostly focusing on community development and project management.


Most of the developers who could help you out with your questions are members of our ActiveSalesforce Google Group:




I would recommend joining the group (I'm a moderator so I can let you in :-) and posting your question there.


Unfortunately I'm not (yet!) a real Ruby on Rails developer (just a lowly Salesforce.com developer :-P), so I can't really provide you an answer myself.


Hope to see you on the group!