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What are the types of Workflows available in salesforce?

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What are the types of Workflows available in salesforce?


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There are two Workflow types availble.


1. Immediate Workflow rule

Workflow rule fires immediately when the workflow criteria is met, and the associated actions (email alert/field update etc.,) will take place immediatlely.


2. Time Dependent Workflow rule

When the workflow entry criteria is met, associated actions (email alert/field update etc.,) will take place after a certain period of time. This time is based on the value that you set.




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There are 2 types of Workflow in Salesforce.

1.  The one which you create with normal process that is Immediate Workflow . It fires at the moment when the criteria is met.

2. Time Dependent Workflow which is slight differnce as the actions provided in that happens after certain time provided by you in the process  [it cannot be added when the criteria is (#every time a record is created or updated)]

Moreover , In Salesforce you have the ability to add Workflow through Visual Workflow which is Drag and Drop Technique  Click Here to Watch Creating a Simple Visual WOrkflow and Click Here to find more details about Workflow and Time Based Workflow .

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Vijaya Kumar RegantiVijaya Kumar Reganti
In an other way,we can say

1.Normal Approval Process: Single Approver
2.Anonymous Approval Process : Multiple or Group of Approvers.
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What will happen for the pending events if we delete the time dependent work flow rules?
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Hii plz help me.
What is the Sales Process?
ujjwal kumar 21ujjwal kumar 21
I want Field Update using workflow rule 
For Example. If I enter Delhi in the city , then automatic County should be India