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Making Case Status choices dependent on Record Type?

I have not been able to find a good answer to this, so here goes.


Is there a way to make the Status field choices on Case objects dependnet on the record type for the case?

Rahul SharmaRahul Sharma
There are two options for this.
1. You could have a workflow to change the Status based on the record type.
2. create a formula field, which changes value to appropriate status as per changes in recordtype. And add a workflow rule to change the status of case to as of formula field value on change of case recordtype.(In this case you will need a single workflow and a formula field)

Hope this helps.

What I am looking for is a way to limit the choices for Status. There are dozens of values in the picklist currently, and only a few are applicable to a given record type.


I had thought I would be able to hide the Status field and adda custom field that could be record type dependent, but of course Status can not be hidden nor can it be made dependent on another field.

kevin lamkevin lam

Have you tried definining Support Processes?

I'm not sure how that would be aplicable.

I had the same requirement. As Kevin suggested, creating a new support process will enable you to make the Case Status a record type-dependent picklist. Once you have created the support process, edit the record type you wish to associate with it.



"The following special picklist fields are not available for record types because they are used exclusively for sales processes, lead processes, support processes, and solution processes:


  • Opportunity Stage
  • Case Status
  • Solution Status
  • Lead Status

You can use these fields to provide different picklist values for different record types by assigning a different process to each record type."





Anil KamisettyAnil Kamisetty
As it is still unaswered, thought of sharing my 2 cents.

Out of the box, all pick listfields are available as part of the record type so admin has an option to select what value needs to be shown as part of the Record type. Although Status is Out of Box Pick list, it is not available in the Record Type Pick list field selection. If Admin were to modify the list of Status fields per record type, do the following.

1. Define the possible list of pick list field values
2. Go to Customize --> Case --> Support Process
3. Create a Support Process (probably one support process for one reord type) and select the required Status values
4. In the Record Type section (Customize --> Case --> Record Type), Create / Edit the record type and assign the support process created above

And this will take care of varying Status field values per record type.

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Felipe Alcaide LópezFelipe Alcaide López
@Anil Kamisetty thanks for your response :)