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Eclipse Broken - Steps to Completely remove?

Eclipse is broken and will not start up.  I've been using it for months but today I received a big window that basically lists the eclipse.ini paramteters obtained from whereever eclipse pulls them from.


Originally I had java sdk  1.7 and I saw many posts that said 1.7 would cause problems.  But I uninstalled all java Updates and Java and installed 1.6u39 and it still fails.


Java and javac are working fine and are correct versions 1.6.  I have other Java apps which will not run without Java and they work fine with 1.6.


Of course the Failure popup message is a GUI window - not a TEXT window - where I could copy and paste the error here.


Of course the Force.Com IDE app does have an uninstall utility.


Any re-installation works fine until AFTER the Pulse updates are downloaded after which it shows the failure window and forces an exit.


I've already re-installed the Force.Com IDE and JDK 1.6 on another PC successfully, so I know the install files are fine. (both machines are 32 bit)


Does anyone know how to completely remove every file and registry entry (if any) that the Force.Com IDE installs?  As it is, it is completely unusable and unstartable.  I've also tried Command Line launch methods that fail the same way found from google searches.