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Dependent picklist popup in opportunity object..

The last question should read ‘ How could the value tool be more useful? ‘
        Please can anybody help me in solving the below issue.
Note:In opportunity object STAGE is controlling field.When we double click on stage picklist field in opportunity record the below popup will display.I want the fields to display exactly like popup which shown in screenshot.
1.The result should be viewed according to below popup.But how to display "how could the value tool more useful?" [Text field] in the popup
2.For me even probability[datatype-percent] field is also displaying in popup.How to delete probabilility field from popup.
3.How to arrage the fields exactly like the fields in below popup.For me its showing in different order.



Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

To be frank i did not see any diagrams you said.



I'm not able to add screenshot .I'm trying to add in 'paste frrom word' option here..but its not getting insert here.Is ther any alternate to post the screen shot which i want to show.


Is it possible a text field to display in popup of dependent fields in opportunity object record.If possible pls let me know how.Thanks for replying to my message.