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Display a notification/message upon logging in

Is there a way to display "There are XXX Leads assigned to you that are pending your review" upon logging in? It could be a reminder ala Task Due Reminder, alert or even a sidebar HTML area. I've tried to do all three but failed misrably...


Any suggestions will be received with thanks, any method will be fine as long as the user is notified upon logging in. I can get the data well enough but I just can't think of a way to display it to the user.




Create a Dashboard with logged in user as a running and show this dashboard in the home page.

using the below code you can refresh the dashboard automatically.

This is a lefthand side home page component.


<strong>This component is used to refresh the Dashboard </strong><br><script type="text/javascript"> var run; function sa_refresh() { var dashboardButton = document.getElementById("db_ref_btn");  dashboardButton.click() ;} setTimeout(sa_refresh, 5000); run = setInterval(sa_refresh,300000); // This is 5 min refresh and upon loggin</script>



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