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Why there is no Lookup relationship field on Standard User Object??




There is no lookup relationship field on User object.


I have created one object and needed to link with the User object. But there is no lookup relationship option available on User object.


Why there is no lookup relationship available on User object? Any specific reason?



Devendra S

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As per my thinking User Object is the controlling object. So you can not use user object as data depedndent.


You can create vice versa.. I mean You can create Lookup of usre object into you custom object.


Let me know your requirement Might be I can help you out...




Hi Expert,


I want to create custom Role object. It has only field as Name. I am not using standard UserRole object here.

On a Userlayout, i want to use this field as a lookup. How can i proceed for such requirement?



Devendra S


Hello ,


As he said in previous reply that it is not possible to have look up on User object and it is correct. But still you want lookup on Userpage layout then it is not possible but you can achive this by using vf and apex coding. 


create vf page which is having code for this lookup to your custom role object, use java script and fire database query to your custom object and get all name values and assign it to the custom field in to user object.


or try to dynamic picklist using Apex and update that in to user object. or create picklist in to user object and by using formula field whenever you have created userRole update your picklist value in to user object.








Hi Navneet,


Can you please provide me the code for for suggestions you have given. It would be useful to implement the required functionality.


Thanks and Regards,

Devendra S