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Copying/Mirroring a Salesforce Org

I need to make an exact copy of a production org in a test org (sandbox is not an option).  I want to copy the custom fields, layouts, and all of the data with its various relationships (contacts to accounts, tasks, opportunities).

Is there a quick and easy way to do so?

My knowledge of Salesforce and Salesforce Admin is basic.

Steve Harding


I would recommend you using force.com migration tool. You can pack everything from your prod to your test instance using this tool if sandbox is not an option for you. Upon migration you would need to do few clicks to complete your settings.






Just in case you did not know, you are allowed to create one FULL sandbox per org. That means a direct copy of your production environment......




Thanks.  But the data/configuration I want to copy is in Professional Edition and the API is not enabled, so the Sandbox is not an option.

Kashyap PatelKashyap Patel

I was going to mention that you could use an app i developed sfxorgdata (www.sfapex.com) but because the professional edition doesnt have API access you cant use it. Another suggestion, and this is really old school is you could use excel and vlookups to transfer the data (use salesforces backup feature to extract the data into csv format and import into excel). You could script out the vlookups in excel using VBA (google copy production data to sandbox). there's a couple of different approaches but all involve this same components. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks