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Seeking independent consult in Central FL


My company will be implementing Salesforce.com soon, and we are looking to acquire a consultant for its implementation. We currently work with the Creative Manager product, and would be looking to synchronize it through the API and perform other functions as well.

We are in the process of looking into a top partner with Salesforce, but we would like to know if there are any independant consultants available in the area, or who are willing to travel that can still mantain value over going with a larger firm.

Please let me know if you fit the bill or can make a recommendation.

Thank you!


You've made an excellent choice to implement salesforce.com and it is very wise to have someone with expertise guide you through the process.  A lot of companies fail to recognize the full value of salesforce.com due to incomplete or improper implementation.

My company, Riptide Software Solutions in Orlando offers expert salesforce.com implementation services and we are a referral partner if you need help purchasing the solution.  Obviously we would incur no travel costs to help your company with the implementation.  We've been in business in Orlando for over 10 years.  Please take a look at our website (http://www.riptidesoftware.com/services/salesforce_com.php) and let me know what services you'd be interested in.  We can accomodate both a small and large scale implementation and would have no problem integrating salesforce.com with any back office system, including Creative Manager.  I think you'll find us to be a cost effective provider of these services.

Please send me an email or give me a call if you're interested.  I hope to hear from you.


Steve Wasula

Vice President of Product Management

Riptide Software Solutions, Inc.


407-282-3545 ext 139



 I am independent consultant based out of South Florida, and I specialize in providing CRM related services to various organizations. I have over 13 years of IT experience (8 years of CRM domain experience, including 2 years of Salesforce.com). Apart from my technical expertise, I also specialize in functional, adoption, training, deployments and project management of implementations. 


On the last 2 projects, I have performed in a similar capacity working along with implementation partners and third-party vendors. Please provide me contact details at rajivrg@yahoo.com ,  so I can provide you a synopsis of my experience and capabilities, or send me a private message using this board.

Thanks and Regards,


Hello !
congrats for picking SFDC. we are Consulting partners of Salesforce.com in the EMEA region. we have a lot of very extensive experience in implementing Salesforce.com, and unlike "traditional" SF partners we offer our services in an offshore model like independent consultants.
When comapred to other companies our added values are:
1. Our team of consultants and implementers are certified and have a long list of successful projects under their belt.
2. Our response time and SLA is very quick - we try to put the customer first.
3. Maybe the most importnat value  - we offer our services for very attractive rates that allows you to implement Salesforce.com successfully and still keep a reasonable budget.
please let me know if you are open to that and i'll be happy to schedle a call and move things forward.
Omer Cygler.
VP business development
Art at MCArt at MC
Thank you all for your responses!

We are leaning toward a solution, but are technically still open if anyone else has an enticing offer... :smileywink:

Best wishes everyone!