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Need assistance on Salesforce integration with external system?

Hi there,

Our company is in the process of integrating the external system with Salesforce.

1.> What are the factors that need to be considered while integrating a system with the Salesforce?

2.> If we need to send out the data from the Salesforce to an external URL - how can we do that any restrictions on this one?

3.> We can create a webservice in Salesforce using APEX , can someone confirm that ?

If someone can share few ideas or if anyone has perform Salesforce integration please get in touch as I would like to discuss more on this. Contact me on bmwspeedracer@aol.com


CRM FanaticCRM Fanatic
We have done this with many legacy systems, please call to discuss.


We can help. Please email me at patty@crm-advantage.com

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Message Edited by dexter on 02-08-2008 07:48 AM

We are a group of SFDC consultants specialized in SFDC integration using third party integration tools as well as custom development in Java and .Net/C#/VB. I'm very interested in discussing with you further on your requirements. You can contact me at vasu@banyanside.com or 925-215-4525

Vasu Pulipati