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Need Help: Map Account Fields to Opportunity

We have Account Custom Roll-Up Summary Fields that we want to map to similar fields under the Opportunity for the Account. The Opportunity fields need to update automatically when and if the mapped Account fields are updated.
Any suggestions? We are also open to hiring a developer to accompish this for us.


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Omer Cygler.

VP, business development




I have had similar problems to your problem. I don't think a workflow rule will work because you can only make a Workflow in one object area.

The other alternative is to create a trigger or one could write API code that would update this data programmatically using a console app that updates your Salesforce application every few minutes

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David GreenbergDavid Greenberg
You can do this easily and effectively with an Apex trigger.

We have several developers on our staff, please let me know if we can assist.
Our company, CRM Advantage, have qualified arcitects and developers on staff. We can easily and effectively help you with this project. We typically set up a conference call to develop a plan based on your best business practices and we then come forward with a quote.
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Thank you for your consideration,

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