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ONE/Northwest is hiring a CRM consultant/developer

Hi all,

My name is Steve Andersen. I'm a long-time Salesforce consultant (you may know me as gokubi, "Developer Hero" at Dreamforce '07). I do Salesforce implementations at a place called ONE/Northwest (www.onenw.org). We're a growing Seattle-based nonprofit that helps environmental organizations transform the way they communicate, build relationships and partner with people and institutions. We develop websites, databases, email newsletters, collaboration and citizen engagement tools – and the strategies to use these tools to engage people in influencing decisions that impact the environment. We operate on a movement-wide scale, strengthening connections between groups working on a range of issues and approaches to protecting the environment.

Our CRM team is swamped by demand. I think it's because we deliver killer Salesforce implementations, with deep customization using S-Controls and Apex. We're currently seeking a technologist experienced in developing and implementing Salesforce to come work with us in Seattle.

Check out the Job Description

If you go to our website you'll see an application form. It's a web-to-lead-ish form, but it was created via our Plone integration. On the Plone side we've got a drag and drop interface for constructing the form the way we want it to look, then we map the fields to Salesforce objects. In this case, we're mapping to the Lead object. On submission, the Lead is created and we use a simple Apex trigger to connect that Lead with our CRM Job Application Campaign. We get an email via workflow, and then we check a Console that is pointing to that Campaign.

We're using Campaign Member Statuses to move applicants through the process, and have some simple email templates ready for dealing with all those people who apply but don't even really know what CRM is...

It took me about 2 hours to create the form, modify the Lead object with some job applicant-type fields, and create the Campaign, email templates, and Console. I love rapid development in Salesforce and Plone!

If you're interested, I'd love to talk to you. Come join a killer team doing great work with modern software. It's a ton of fun!